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IBM Cognos

Powerful and scalable business intelligence and performance management

IBM® Cognos® Analytics is a business intelligence (BI) and performance management solution that combines the capabilities of Cognos Business Intelligence, Cognos Insight and Cognos TM1®. With Cognos Enterprise, users in your business and finance organizations can assemble information that helps them understand your business, share insights with colleagues and act on findings to drive your business forward. The central management helps your IT department more easily deploy and manage your analytics content.

Cognos Analytics capabilities

Cognos Analytics provides capabilities that are designed to arm users in your organization with what they need to take insight to action. They can support how people in your organization choose to work with consistent information wherever they go:

Provide what you need to view business information.

Explore BI data from different angles and perspectives.

Monitor and track performance.

Offer an at-a-glance view of what’s most important
to you.  

Mobile BI
Enables you to view information on the road or offline.
Self-service BI
Adds the flexibility to visualize and analyze information and more without IT’s help. 

Collaborative BI
Makes it easier to share insights with colleagues and stakeholders.

Presents alternative scenarios for more informed decision-making.  

Real-time Monitoring
Real-time Monitoring
Shows current operational KPIs for up-to-the-minute decisions.