IBM Cognos
Pitney Bowes Spectrum Spatial 


  • SAP Business Objects™ XI 2.5 to 4
  • IBM® Cognos®: 8.4 to 11.6
  • Oracle® Hyperion®: 11
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11
  • Microstrategy® up to 9.4.1
  • Microsoft® Excel®: 2003 to 2013 both 32 and 64 bit versions
  • QlikTech Qlikview: 10 to 11.2 SR5

Spectrum™ Spatial for BI
Gain new and better insight from spatial data within your Business Intelligence System.

Today’s high-performing business and government organizations are driven by data-powered insight and performance management information. Business intelligence (BI) systems enable these organizations to better understand their data and make more informed decisions.

Now consider the role of spatial data. Some 80% of all data contains a spatial component—consider the inherently spatial aspects of customers, competitors, stores, assets, networks, facilities and service centers alone. Spatial patterns and trends represent a significant opportunity for businesses seeking greater insights to explore the spatial dimension of their business.

Spectrum™ Spatial for BI extends the capabilities of widely-used BI systems to provide
comprehensive mapping data visualization and spatial analytics within the BI environment.
Organizations can gain new and better insight from the spatial aspect of their data.

Key Features
  • Comprehensive support for mapping and spatial analysis within reporting, analytics and dashboarding without the need for system integration
  • Generate dynamic map layers from “facts and dimensions” in the report
  • Geographically drill up or down into your data
  • Support drive/travel time analytics
  • Built-in global geocoding to spatially enable data within BI systems
  • Fast time to value with minimal training overhead, and much more...
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