Attain Insight Security 4X

Here's how Security 4X is being used by our clients today:

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Canadian Crown Corporation (CCC) can streamline security configuration tasks across the entire TM1 environment, enabling BI administrators to confidently and securely deploy TM1 applications.

A major electronics manufacturer sought to implement security at a more granular level across all of their relational reporting with 2,500 distinct security policies. See how one day provided immediate results, reducing administrative burdeon by 90%!

A Canadian Government Department has 1,600 IBM Cognos users who must each change their passwords multiple times a year to meet password change standards. Learn how Security 4X turns a cumbersome manual process for IT into a Business owned-and-managed environment with the confidence security standards are being met.

A major eye care company needed role appropriate privileges for thousands to access sales data delivered through Cognos.  Find out how they secured models, automated processes, and assured membership data was synchronized with security in their ERP system.

GENOME CO: Scaleable Security, Compliance & Auditing

A major Genome company with a significant Cognos installation could no longer manually administer security growing to 2,000 locations and 8,000 memberships, each requiring its own security against Cognos data. See what it took secure, scale, and provide compliance and audit information on-demand and in real-time.

HEALTHCARE: Securing Access by User and Groups

A healthcare organization was seeking a solution that to ensure compliance with several different privacy regulations. The organization wanted a centralized security model that would manage security consistently and completely across all Cognos software components, and all environments (Development, Test and Production environments).