Electronics Manufacturer: Report Security & Data Governance

Attain Insight Security 4X
Electronics Manufacturer



A major electronics manufacturer sought to implement security at a more granular level across all of their relational reporting.  Reporting spanned across Shipments, Bookings, Backlog, Inventory, and Quotes.

Securing data by Product Line, Location, Sales Force, Market Segment, and Customer was a fundamental requirement.

Because certain business measures are more confidential than others, access to information was restricted, based on user roles. As such, user security had to administer more than 2,500 distinct security policies.

The success of the project required that the company  implement security across five subject areas, create 2500+ policy groups, and limit access to confidential measures.  The company estimated that implementing security manually would require a process of more than 1.5 million steps.

Governance Concerns

From a governance perspective, senior management required that:
  • access policies be easily understood and implemented;
  • change was easily managed, due to frequent policy changes;
  • security authorization logs over time be accessible and readily available to satisfy security audits.


Security 4X was implemented and provided the following key benefits:
  • Allowed for a flexible design and implementation of a highly complex security design;
  • Provided a highly reliable and consistent means of implementing 2,500+ policy groups
  • Reduced administrative burden related to security by more than 90%


  • It took less than one day to implement security using Security 4X;
  • Security policies are generated across five hierarchies;
  • Non-technical business unit user/administrators manage group memberships, reliving IT/BI developers of user administration duties;
  • All security is generated and administered from a single application, greatly simplifying security administration, while assuring consistent application of security rules;
  • Security is refreshed nightly, radically reducing the time it took previously to implement user security and providing access to data required for their function.
Immediate results, increased end user productivity and the assurance data is secure!