GENOME CO.: Cognos Security and Auditing

Attain Insight Security 4X
Genome Co.

GENOME COMPANY: Taking Security off the Critical Path

A major Genome company with a significant Cognos installation could no longer manually administer security.  Over time,  the implementation had expanded to more than 2,000 locations, each requiring its own security against the Cognos data.  In total, the company had more than 8,000 memberships across the Cognos environment.

Securing G/L (by Expense Department, Plant, Company, and Account) and Sales (by Territory and Product) was a fundamental requirement. Team members needed to administer security across multiple dimensions within Transformer and Framework Manager.  In addition, constant hierarchy changes always placed security on the critical path.

  • Reduce administrative burden by 90% or more;
  • Generate all memberships via automated process;
  • Update Framework Manager containing more than 8,000 filters;
  • Update Transformer models with more than 2,000 custom views.
Auditing security was also an important aspect of the project.

On demand reports had to be available to answer the following questions:
  • Who has access to various cubes and packages in Cognos Connection?
  • What memberships did individual users have across the entire environment?
  • Which administrators were responsible for security changes within the environment?
Security 4X was implemented and provided the following key benefits:
  • Security was built into Framework and Transformer models;
  • Framework Manager was completely updated in less than 2 hours;
  • Transformer models were completely updated in less than 2 hours.
  • Security policies for content and data are created from a centralized console;
  • Security adheres to a consistent and easily understood rules;
  • Auditable security configuration with compliance reporting was enabled;
  • Comprehensive security reporting was provided across Cognos Connection.
Security 4X provided the following key benefits:
  • Complex security is easily, quickly and reliably administered;
  • User administration was removed from IT/ BI development to administrators in the business unit.  In addition to freeing up development resources, end user productivity has increased due to rapid access to data required for their business role;
  • The company can easily scale to thousands of users without any additional administration burden;
  • Compliance and audit information is readily available, essentially on-demand in real-time.