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Avnet Venue Edge BI

Venue & Attraction Insight

VenueEdge BI

VenueEdge Capabilities:

 Admissions and Membership 
Strategy and Price Optimization

 Marketing and Promotions
 Food & Retail Optimization

Venue Edge

360 degree business and customer views for cultural attractions using leading IBM Business Analytics software

VenueEdige Dashboard

Fragmented views of your business and customer behavior limit your ability to deliver the highest quality service possible, and can inhibit attendance and revenue growth.   With the VenueEdge™ solution optimized for Cultural Attractions, you can finally unlock the full potential of an integrated business view.

View the video and learn how Cincinnati Zoo embedded analytics across the enterprise to optimize the visitor experience, attract more visitors and ...

Imagine the insights you could expose if you had the ability to see:

Venue Edge Reports

Complete visitor profiles - how often are guests visiting, what products and services do they use most often when they visit?  Are there external factors that affect their visit with you such as weather or professional sporting events?

Identify “non-buyers” and guests with low visitation - use this insight to create custom targeted marketing and promotions to increase visitation and per caps.

Optimized marketing spends - learn what advertising is most effective, and where.  Track in real-time performance of promotions against prior periods.  Easily display on dashboard maps geographical views of visitation trends to help identify patterns and opportunities.

Fine tune your business operations 
- discover what products are most popular with members vs. non-members.  Gain immediate insight into the time of day that certain activities peak so you can adjust staffing levels and capture more revenue.

Easily track key business measures vs. budget and prior periods - display key performance metrics on an intuitive dash boarding tool to gain immediate insights and enable management to react quicker to trends.

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