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Remove the complexity of planning and implementing your IBM Cognos project and let us help you deliver on-time and on-budget.

Because we specialize in end-to-end Business Analytics projects starting from your data source systems all the way to reports and dashboards.

Our experience and practices include data quality management processes that are necessary to quantify and report data quality to your end users. We employ best practices, anticipate issues before they occur, and safeguard your project from costly errors and delays.

Our services are tailored to the needs of our clients. Some require only software, and others need strategic guidance and project management. And some need full development and deployment staffing options. We offer assistance at all levels and stages of your project. 

We also provide auditing services if you wish to review project costs, timeline and quality of deliverables with industry benchmarks. From planning to data warehouse design to implementation, training and testing, we offer the end-to-end assistance you need to ensure project success.

Our packaged services that address some of the most common, and often critical, business and technical requirements.

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