Venue & Attraction Insight

VenueEdge™ Business Intelligence

VenueEdge Capabilities:

Admissions, Membership
and Price Optimization

Marketing and Promotions
Food & Retail Optimization

Analytics for the Attraction and  Entertainment Industry

VenueEdge BI

In partnership with TechData + Technology Solutions (formerly Avnet Services) Attain Insight brings to you VenueEdge™ an IBM Cognos Business Intelligence solution, purpose-built for cultural attractions.

A proven, award-winning solution that integrates all facets of your business into a “single view” to:

    •   Reveal deep customer insight
    •   Increase attendance and drive per capita income
    •   Optimize your business operations
    •   Enhance customer loyalty

Realize immediate value and insight with pre-built dashboards and reports. All the necessary coordination between your venue, ticketing company, and custom analytical solution is streamlined for you.

Empower your business users with the data to make smarter decisions

Increase Admission and Membership: Understand when members visit, what products and services they use (and do not use,) and gain the ability to easily organize members into segments to allow targeted marketing geared towards their likes and dislikes. 

Drive Marketing Opportunities: Use mapping and analytics to understand where guests are coming from, what promotions are working, and to finally provide your marketing departments the information they need, in the way they need it, to drive better marketing decisions. 

Optimize Food and Retail Systems: Frustrated by the inability of your POS system to talk to your membership system? IBM Cognos does just this!

Easy to use and affordable 

Our cloud SaaS model provides low start-up costs and affordable monthly charges, allowing you immediate value and return on your investment. We provide a secure cloud environment with robust capability and speed which includes all hardware, software and support needed. This allows your IT department to focus on other tasks, and your leadership team free to extract meaningful information directly from the business.