Attain Insight Security 4X
Purpose-built Security Management Solution for IBM Cognos Software
Making Security Easy, Fast, and Trusted!

Enterprise Access Control, Security Compliance and Audit Reporting has never been easier

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Introducing Attain Insight Security 4X, a centralized security administration and compliance reporting solution, purpose built to handle complex enterprise security requirements across the full suite of IBM Business Analytics products including: IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, TM1, Framework Manager, Transformer, Cognos Finance and Finance Performance Management.

CIO Review's Attain Insight Top 20 Most promising IBM Solution Provider 2017
Attain Insight Security 4X
Enforcing Security through Robust Access Control

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January 2017
Selected by Accenture as
 "The most complete security solution available for IBM Cognos applications"

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Streamline and Automate Security Administration and User-Access Control Processes

Security implementations are time consuming, difficult and error prone.  Even small security deployments involve multiple application instances and environments, and require thousands of access control lists. Security 4X ensures that information is accessible only to those authorized, and that all changes to security are tracked, leaving you fully compliant with industry standards for both compliance reporting and security policy management including ITIL, ISO/IEC 27002, NIST 800-53r4 and ITSG-33 across all environments and application instances.

Designed to Complement the Security within IBM Cognos Software

  • Centralize and simplify security administration
  • Reduce administrative burden by at least 90%
  • Comprehensive security audit and compliance reports
  • Supports multiple environments and multi-tenancy

Organize Key Tasks and Reduce the Risk of Vulnerabilities

  • Efficiently manage large groups and memberships and Namespaces
  • Control custom views, dimensions, and measures across data and capabilities
  • Create group-based filters to limit which folders, tables, rows and columns a user can access
  • Manage object access for thousands of users across all IBM Business Analytic components
  • Provide audit reporting with visibility into “Who has access to what?” and “When did the grant occur?

Total Access Control and Compliance Reporting

Choose any, or all, of the five Security 4X control modules to suit your business needs
Content Security
Content Security

Comprehensive role based solution for securing Folders, Reports, Data Connections and many other objects within IBM Cognos applications. Content Security ensures that IT and Cognos Administrators to apply security consistently across all areas of IBM Cognos and then provides complete Audit and Compliance Reporting to validate consistency.  Security 4X is fully designed to support automation so security updates, validation checks, and refreshes can all be scheduled on a regular basis.

Dimensional Security
Data Security

This add-on to Content Security provides data level security on tables, query items, and other Framework Manager objects, as well as support for dimensional sources such as PowerPlay Cubes and TM1. This module allows Customers to use any number of business hierarchies to define the Enterprise Security Model, saving extensive time and effort and handling complexity with ease. A fully automated Enterprise Security Model can be designed and implemented across all IBM Cognos software components (and all environments) in just hours.

WebGrant Web-based Group Membership Administration
Provisioning and de-provisioning users is one the biggest organizational costs to worker productivity (See 2010 NIST study of large organizations).  WebGrant significantly reduces IT work by allowing business administrators to independently add and remove users from Groups.  Comes with its own reporting package to provide visibility and traceability on all membership changes.

Password Mgmt
Authorized User Password Management

An enterprise solution governing authorized user access to applications with business delegation to reduce IT workload. Also ideal for named user license management. Includes expiry notice management, business side account locking and enablement, and standardized sign-ons. Manages the user access lifecycle from enablement, through password change (including certificates or other multi-factor authentication methods) using aesthetically pleasing, customizable email templates with end-user choice of language. Directory Server synchronization and Full Access Lifecycle Audit and Compliance reporting included.
Audit Reporting
Audit and Compliance Reporting
For organizations that want comprehensive Access Control Audit and Compliance Reporting across all Analytic Solution Applications and all environments including all Directory Server activity. Also, for organizations that are concerned about duplicate identities or privilege risks introduced by role changes, marriage, staff relocation or help desk errors, the Audit and Compliance Reporting provides identity resolution capabilities. Available as a separate module, is the option for customizable workflow and risk management processing logic to ensure high fidelity Identity Assurance or conditional, dynamic or situational Access Control.