Predictive Modeling

Predictive Modeling
Get a clear view of the present and deeper insight into the future

Predictive modeling gives you the power to discover hidden relationships in your volumes of structured and unstructured data and use those insights to confidently predict the outcome of future events and interactions.

Predictive modeling tools and techniques enable decision-makers in every part of your organization to develop a deeper understanding of your customers, students or constituents, and solve even complex challenges faster.

Predictive modeling software from IBM can help your organization:
  • Predict the likelihood of a future purchase based on a customer’s age, gender and transaction history.
  • Determine a patient’s risk of developing a specific medical condition and begin preventive care.
  • Catch a greater percentage of fraudulent claims and settle legitimate claims more quickly.
  • Forecast when automotive parts are likely to fail and notify customers before problems occur.
What we offer:

Build predictive models quickly and intuitively without programming using this powerful data mining workbench.

IBM SPSS Statistics
Use advanced analysis and predictive modeling techniques to understand data, identify trends and produce accurate forecasts.

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