Real-time Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

Stay on top of business operations

IBM business intelligence software includes a real-time monitoring capability that makes it possible for you to view your operations data in motion. It features self-service, interactive dashboards with current operational KPIs and measures for front-line business users, including executives on the go, managers and analysts, who need to react quickly to performance improvement opportunities.

With the help of real-time monitoring, you can:

  • View up-to-the minute operations data alongside your BI information.
  • Empower your front-line to detect and respond rapidly to changing business conditions.
  • Identify opportunities to drive operational efficiencies—as they happen.
  • Optimize decision-making for your sales, customer service, manufacturing, IT and marketing organizations.
What we offer:

Cognos Real-time Monitoring
React quickly to take advantage of fleeting revenue and cost-saving opportunities.

Cognos Enterprise
Use powerful BI and performance management with real-time monitoring for better results.

Cognos Business Intelligence for Linux on System z
Up-to-the minute real-time monitoring backed by the power of IBM System z®.

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