The Foundation of Business Intelligence

If you have the right reports, you have the foundation to gain insights and make better business decisions. From professional report authors to business users to people in the field, IBM can meet the reporting needs of your organization. IBM business intelligence software includes capabilities for authoring, viewing and modifying reports and interactive visualizations—online or off, in Microsoft Office applications or in-process applications, in the office or on the go.

IBM reporting capabilities help:

  • Professional report authors create reports in a single environment and distribute them to the enterprise.
  • Business users create their own reports or modify existing reports without asking IT.
  • IT administrators deploy, manage and expand the reporting application.
  • Mobile workers interact with reports on mobile devices or while disconnected.
  • Business users have access to a growing collection of customizable visualizations they can download into Cognos Active Report with extensive visualization.
What we offer:    

Analytical reports
Guided analysis from top to bottom turns simple reports into rich BI that can help you make better decisions.

Drill down
View the details in your report figures and charts for more comprehensive analysis.

Contact us on how best to implement reporting in your organization.