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Hosted Analytics

Eliminate the barriers to your Business Analytics success

Purchasing, operating and maintaining virtual IT infrastructure is an expensive endeavour. It requires a large upfront investment, maintenance costs and specialized staff.  You can avoid many costs and delays by moving to Managed Hosting services with Attain Insight.  With Managed Services you transfer the responsibility of providing best-in-class service, to Attain Insight who understand how organizations use analytic solutions to achieve better results more quickly.Hosted Analytics

Canadian managed hosting that's Information Technology Security Guidance (ITSG-33) compliant

As a Canadian leader of ITSG-33 compliant Hosted Analytic Solutions, Attain Insight removes the barriers of project implementation by hosting your Cognos Analytics, Business Intelligence, SPSS and BI Security applications. For clients with complex internal environments or burdened IT organizations who may be struggling to meet client timelines or service needs we have a range of options that deliver analytic solutions quickly, accurately and at predictable cost.  And all offerings come with services and our commitment to ensure your organization is fully empowered to achieve better results.

Typical customer or project pain points:
  • Difficulty estimating timelines
  • Growing project costs
  • Trouble maintaining technical expertise
  • Difficulty staying modern/current
What our consultants have found:
  • Old or insufficient infrastructure 
  • Poor or missing data quality management
  • Constrained working environments
  • Lots of delays on simple things
Hosting your analytic applications with Attain Insight provides many benefits including:

Fully redundant and secure data centre infrastructure with 24/7 access to industry-leading experts for managing server hardware, bandwidth, backup, security, databases, data quality management and analytic application software.  Turnkey IT services delivered in state-of-the-art data centres featuring world-class infrastructure that guarantees maximum availability and optimum scalability.

Customers that select Managed Hosting with Attain Insight receive:
  • Accurate, predictable costs
  • Fast development with world-class analytic tools
  • Secure and fully redundant computing power
  • Software licenses
  • 24/7 installation, monitoring and support services

The trend toward hosted analytic services is growing and our strict polices and practices meet international standards, and, best in industry practices.  Several of our clients are taking advantage of this offering. Why? Because they can't afford to wait any longer. 

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