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Get the Location Intelligence (LI) Advantage

The ability to visualize spatial data and understand relationships between specific locations, helps organizations make smarter and strategic business decisions. We refer to this as mapping and location intelligence, and by leveraging location-based data, companies can identify business growth opportunities and improve the sharing of information.

Attain Insight partners with Pitney Bowes Software (PBS) and Integeo (for clients needing ESRI integration) to address all the needs of your organization for mapping and location-based analysis - especially integration with Business Intelligence (BI) tools like IBM Cognos Analytics.

Visualize the Data that Lies Inside your BI Platform

Visualize More. Act Smarter. The Location Intelligence Advantage.
Example above: Real Property Asset Management.  Reporting the dissolution of property and material assets under management by the Canadian Coast Guard based on Depreciation, Expense and Facility Health Metrics.   Similar solution used in other Real Property portfolios to analyse and optimize space utilization and cost optimization.

Integrate location and mapping into business processes and allow your clients, colleagues, and business partners to:

  • Absorb Information quicker
  • Gain new insights into hidden trends
  • Establish a stronger basis for strategic decision-making

Gain a new perspective on your business

Tax Fraud Analytics by Location
Example Above: Fraud Analytics for CRA, analyzing commercial tax returns and proximity for optimal audit team on-site deployment.   Similar solution available for Retail or Gaming Industry Analytics with access to thousands of demographic metrics on-demand as business data overlays.

Visibility Beyond Numbers for Better Decisions

  • Manage location-based assets, such as human resources and property
  • View and optimize sales territories to boost efficiency
  • See where infrastructure and utilities are needed
  • Plan ahead for emergencies
  • Map resources and plan logistical support 

Who Benefits?

Spatial Analytics is for everyone from government officials, executives and business analysts - to front desk operations. Location enabled decision-making tools reveal so much more because complex data is often very poorly represented when expressed in charts or tables.


Pitney Bowes Spectrum Technology Platform extends the capabilities of widely-used BI systems for comprehensive mapping data visualization and spatial analytics.

Integeo's Map Intelligence (MI) merges the location dimension into enterprise decision support and (any) Business Intelligence application for powerful visualizations.

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