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Know exactly where your customers are with Geocoding

If your business depends upon exact location data, such as GPS coordinates or addresses, you can use our address geocoding solution to gain access to accurate, reliable information.  

Geocoding data can help your business or government organization in a number of ways. With precise location data, you can calculate the distance between two points, determine eligibility or locate potential marketing targets. 

Whether you're already using Pitney Bowes SpectrumTM Platform or subscribed to Google Maps we can help connect your data sources, sanitize and complete missing address fields and ensure it's standardized and kept up-to-date. In addition your database will be enriched with: 

    • Latitude
    • Longitude
    • Forward Sortation Area (FSA)
    • Distance between locations
Unlike postal codes, longitudes and latitudes, never changes. By using our address geocoding solution to link Permanent Location Codes to your enterprise data, you can be sure that your geographic reports will be precise and relevant, now and for the future.

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