Unlock data from the widest variety of sources and prepare it for use in visualization and analytics tools, or for other business processes.

Attain Insight is a Datawatch Reseller helping clients with their self-service data preparation needs for IBM Watson Analytics and IBM Cognos Analytics.

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Make Your Data Analytics-Ready

There is no shortage of valuable data, but some of it is locked away in legacy systems or comes from outside your organization, or may even be hiding in plain sight on a web page. Datawatch is the only solution that can unlock the data you need from just about anywhere, without the help of IT experts.

Just point, click, and the data is extracted and ready to use. Built-in data prep functions make Datawatch fast and easy, which means you are spending less time preparing data and more time uncovering valuable insights. Datawatch - Better Insights, Faster.

How it Works

Datawatch Monarch is an application that runs on your Windows desktop and as soon as you drop a file or web page onto the canvas it automatically begins to extract into analytics-ready rows and columns.  You can also connect to all major relational, big data, and over 30 other sources, but often the most important information you need is locked away in existing reports or difficult sources that seem impossible to use without re-keying the data.  That’s where Datawatch Monarch shines.

Automate Processes and Data Delivery

Datawatch Monarch Automation enables users to completely eliminate manual steps associated with repeatable processes. Workflows built in Automator leverage Monarch Models, timing rules and delivery rules to streamline data preparation and data consumption at the enterprise level.

Access Data From Any Source

Connect to all major databases and automatically extract data from multi-structured sources and web pages.

Easy to Use

Work directly with your data and use 100 prebuilt manipulation functions, add calculated fields and mask data without learning a new script language or complex flow diagrams.

Understand Your Data

You can quickly profile and filter your data before you start working with it and we’ll let you know if there are any quality issues.

Combine, Join, Wrangle, Blend, Append

Call it what you like, but you can now easily combine disparate data automatically using powerful join analysis and fuzzy matching.

Use With Your Favorite Tools

With native support for the most popular visualization and advanced analytics tools, your prepared data can be fully leveraged for a wide variety of tasks.  From analytics to operational processes, put the full value of Datawatch Monarch to use throughout your organization.

Seamless compatibility with: IBM, Tableau, Qlik, Excel

Datawatch Monarch Product Family

The Datawatch Monarch product family spans from a single user desktop up to an enterprise server delivering prepared data to thousands of users.

Individual users
can run Monarch independently on their Windows desktop for self-service data preparation.  For a small workgroup, simply add new Monarch seats and share your data prep models with other users.  You can also add automation for individual users that are consistently running repetitive tasks.

As the word spreads about this great new capability, Monarch Server is the solution that can scale to service thousands of users both internally and externally.  Your individual Monarch users can now publish data prep models to Monarch Server and completely automate the execution of tasks.  Other users can simply connect to Monarch Server with an intuitive Web portal to find prepared data sets that provide only the data they are authorized to access.  Monarch Server can also send updated data to your analytics server like Tableau Server, or to SaaS solutions like IBM Watson Analytics, or even to your data warehouse.   And at every step of your analytic journey, Datawatch will be there to support your growth when you’re ready.

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