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Attain Insight is an authorized Motio Reseller offering products designed to streamline IBM Cognos software implementation and ensure your BI solution is performing in its ideal state.

MotioCI augments IBM Cognos environments with version control, release management, and automated testing

Building on the widely adopted MotioCI architecture, Motio delivers market leading features with comprehensive version control for all aspects of an IBM Cognos environment. This includes the ability to exclusively ‘lock’ BI artifacts while under development and promote distinct versions (or entire baselines) into upstream environments.

Aimed at increasing the productivity of BI development teams, MotioCI supports governance, risk management and compliance. It provides assurance for BI authors, managers and director that every aspect of the IBM Cognos platform is monitored for governance, control, and traceability.

Motio's tools are aimed at assisting IBM Cognos developers, empowering IBM Cognos administrators, enriching the experience of BI consumers, and simplifying the management of large-scale IBM Cognos installations.
  • MotioCI - version control, release management and automated testing for your Cognos environments
  • MotioPI - free application for Cognos administrators looking for more transparency in their BI environments
  • MotioPI Pro - for Cognos administrators, power users, and report authors providing for faster ways to manage Cognos environments
  • MotioVault - archiving application for long term storage of Cognos BI outputs
  • ReportCard - gathers analytics from reports that are causing performance issues
  • MotioCAP - custom Cognos security authentication solution
  • MotioADF - enables organizations to customize Cognos and embed Cognos BI
  • Persona IQ - provides seamless Cognos transitions between authentication sources
  • Namespace Migration - facilitates the migration of Cognos content and configuration from one Authentication Namespace to another
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