Business Strategy Software for Strategic Management & Strategy Planning

Attain Insight partners with StrategyBlocks to help organization with strategy planning, success metrics and execution.
For innovation to occur, a strategy must be put into action to take an idea to reality

StrategyBlocks is a strategy software as a service (SaaS) platform for executing strategy and
strategic planning; breaking high level objectives into tactics, linking elements of the strategy to relevant metrics, and establishing the true value of strategic initiatives.

StrategyBlocks software connects a company to its ideas in a highly visual way, increasing overall business agility and allowing much greater and more powerful insight into success metrics and growth opportunities than ever before.

Quality strategic management requires communication, strategic planning, action and execution

By working with leading organizations, StrategyBlocks has developed a solution that involves four steps to improving the chances of a successful strategy that creates lasting value.

1. Map objectives and break down strategic planning
2. Align the organization by linking control activities to strategic plan
3. Create a collaborative, dynamic planning environment
4. Link objectives to metrics to monitor strategic health

Take a moment to view this short video to get a better understanding of what this strategy software can accomplish for your strategic plan.