Powerful dashboards. Trusted data. Made easy.

REGISTER! Webinar: Thursday, May 6, 2021 | 1:00 – 2:00pm (ET)

Gone are the days of the dedicated Business Intelligence (BI) specialist. Now, just about everyone has the tools on their desktop to manipulate data and make visualizations to convey business intelligence information. But that self-service comes with a price when individuals are allowed to upload and tie-together their own data-sources.

This webinar will demonstrate how Cognos Analytics has evolved with the market, beyond just delivering raw data which looks at historical trends, into a powerful data visualization and analysis canvas, which with the help of built-in AI capabilities, can help you learn things you didn’t know and explore your data in new ways. On the agenda:

1. Reports vs New Generation Dashboards

From static reports to robust re-useable templates with drag ‘n drop analysis, we’ll help you better understand the differences between reports and dashboards and when best to use them.

2. Advance Customizations & Data Governance

Desktop BI has its limitations, when you’re hitting the maximum rows/columns of an excel spreadsheet it’s time to get serious about the platform you’re using to collect and disseminate your information.

Enroll today to see how easy it is to build dashboards you can be proud of with Cognos Analytics.

HOST: Stephanie Kajenski
VP Marketing, Attain Insight Solutions Inc., an IBM Business Partner
Stephanie has been in the Analytics industry for 20 years including roles at Cognos, IBM, and currently Attain Insight, a trusted advisor for integrated IBM Analytics, location intelligence, security and license compliance solutions, and managing sponsor of the Ottawa, Cognos in the Capital User Group.

Speaker: Matthew Denham, Offering Manager, Cognos Analytics, IBM
Matt has been working with in analytics at IBM for 15 years with experience in design, marketing, sales, and support prior to joining offering management focused on Cognos Analytics dashboards.