Map Intelligence Acquisition FAQs

For Customers

  1. What is being announced? Attain Insight, a North American Business Analytics solutions provider has acquired Map Intelligence, the flag-ship Location Intelligence product line owned by Integeo Pty Ltd out of Australia.
  1. Will Attain Insight still support Map Intelligence? Yes. Attain Insight will increase the investment in Map Intelligence including improved Support Services, Professional Services and Analytics Product Support. Attain Insight will ensure that Map Intelligence remains available globally and continues to enhance existing business analytics solutions with leading edge geospatial capabilities to drive better insights and business performance.
  1. Will I continue to receive support and product updates? Yes. All customers who transfer their support to Attain Insight will receive regular product update notices that outline new Map Intelligence enhancements and will continue to have access to product updates.
  1. Will this change affect pricing for Map Intelligence? Existing support and maintenance renewals will be honoured at current renewal pricing if customers transfer their support to Attain Insight before the December 1st, 2021, deadline.  For new license purchases, changes are expected, including SaaS pricing options.
  1. How do I transfer Support to Attain Insight? Transfer of support to Attain Insight can happen in several ways:
  • By emailing and/or with your contact information and request to transfer your support.
  • By calling Attain Insight at +1 (833) 235-0200 or +1 (613) 235-0200 and asking to speak with Stephanie x113, Ron x107 or Paul x101, or by calling +061 (02) 9045 3391 and asking to speak with Ellen.
  1. How long do I have to Transfer Support to Attain Insight? Customers need to notify Attain Insight by December 1st, 2021, to indicate that they wish to transfer their Integeo license support to Attain Insight.
  1. What will happen if I don’t transfer Support to Attain Insight? Existing customers have a period of time to transfer support to Attain Insight.  After that period, those customers who have not transferred their support will not have the ability to open new support requests.If a further 30 days passes and the customer has not transferred their Map Intelligence licences and support to Attain Insight, their support and software agreement will be considered to have ended voluntarily.
  1. Will my level of support be affected? Support hours will change to between 9am and 5pm Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -4:00). Customers will be provided with support accounts for two users.  This will allow customers to open support requests directly in the Attain Insight support system.  Extended hours of support and out of hours support are support options available with additional fees.
  1. How should I open support tickets going forward? For customers who transfer support to Attain Insight, access to a support account will be issued. Every customer with a current support contract is entitled to an account which enables support requests to be logged, tracked and advisory notices received directly from the Attain Insight Support System.A customer can create a support ticket by:
    • Emailing: – our automated reply email will include the support ticket number
    • Calling: +1 (833) 235-0200 Ext. 1 (Support)
  1. Will I have a new Account Manager? Yes. As an Attain Insight Map Intelligence customer, you will have an assigned Account Manager to support you. Your Account Manager will reach out to the individuals and contact information currently on file with your contract.  To minimize disruptions and to ensure support is transitioned without delay, we recommend that customers reach out to Attain Insight so we can verify and update contact information with the most current details.
  1. How can I reach my Account Manager to talk about this change? We welcome your feedback and look forward to the opportunity to meet with you, whether by phone, email or in person, to address any concerns or questions you may have regarding these changes.
    • Customers: +1 (833) 235-0200 Ext. 2 (Sales) or by email to
    • Partners: Call +1 (833) 235-0200 or +1 (613) 235-0200 and ask to speak with Ron x107 or Paul x101
  1. Where can I find out details about my current support? Details concerning your current Support package are outlined in your current Integeo Support Agreement.  If you are unable to locate your existing Support Agreement, please contact Attain Insight directly:
  1. Will there be any changes to the product in terms of current features and functionality? Yes. Attain Insight will continue to invest in Map Intelligence, including improvements and upgrades to product features and functionality.  Attain Insight will regularly provide you with information regarding product releases which will outline all product changes.  We welcome your feedback, especially any features you would like to see added or improved.
  1. Will you be issuing a new Software Licensing Agreement? Yes. Attain Insight will issue a new Software Agreement with largely similar terms at the end of your current renewal period.
  1. Will I need to get a new license key for my software licenses? No.  There will be no need for a new license key for your software licenses until you reach the end of your current renewal period.  Your current license key will continue to be operational (with no need to update or change it) until the end of your current Map Intelligence renewal period.

For Partners

  1. Who will be the new point of contact at Attain Insight for partners of Integeo? We value our partnerships and will strive to effectively transition our partnership with you as seamlessly as possible.A representative from Attain Insight will be identified as your new point of contact and that Partner Manager will contact you directly to introduce themself and discuss your needs and opportunities.
  1. Will Attain Insight be reaching out to discuss new partnership opportunities? Yes. Attain Insight is always looking for new and innovative ways to work together with its partners to drive growth and leadership in the business analytics market. Attain Insight will be in contact with each partner to discuss and respond to partnership opportunities for Map Intelligence.
  1. Will Attain Insight be reaching out to partners to discuss new opportunities? Yes. Attain Insight is always looking for new and innovative ways to work with its partners to drive business growth and maintain its leadership in the business analytics market.Attain Insight will be in contact with you to discuss and respond to existing and new partnership opportunities for Map Intelligence.