Geospatial Analytics, Location & Map Intelligence

Gain a new perspective on your business, merging location and data analysis for powerful decision-making.

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Esri Mapping for IBM Cognos Analytics

For clients wanting to leverage Esri maps and layers inside IBM Cognos Analytics, Attain Insight specializes in the integration using Integeo Map Intelligence.  Unlike other mapping options, Integeo provides direct, dynamic and high-performance integration with Esri ArcGIS as well as providing advanced spatial analytic features and visualization capabilities for all Cognos end-users and includes support for: Cognos Analytics Interactive Reports, Esri ArcGIS Online (AGOL), Cloud and PDF Output. (see more at

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Location Intelligence

As businesses and government organizations begin to recognize the power of integrating location-based insight with customer and business data, the need for advanced spatial capabilities continues to grow.

From customer relationship management, data quality and enrichment — to insight and analysis, Attain Insight leverages Percisely software to complement your Analytics solution to forecast customer behavior and help you identify where your best prospects are located with location intelligence, so you can make better decisions on matters like where to concentrate your sales efforts or where to build your next store.

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Real-Estate Portfolio & Lease Renewal Optimization

People Costs

If you’re in a large organization with several physical office buildings, placing and tracking those people and their movements can be a daunting task for HR, Facilities and IT. With Attain’s Property Analytics you can leverage fly-out reports to see heat maps, space utilization and occupancy rates in one view. And with data enrichment as-a-service, you can easily overlay this information into your current Business Intelligence (BI) system to ensure postal address changes are accurate for efficient and timely capacity planning.

Why Real Property Analytics?

Who wouldn’t need an asset management and cost optimization solution these days? Attain Insight’s Property Analytics is ideal for (but not limited to) Banks, Real Estate firms, Wholesale Distributors, Retail, Gaming Casinos, Enterprises and Federal organizations who want a visual representation of their assets and the price to the business. It’s the Location Intelligence Advantage and it can be easily added to existing BI platforms with minimal IT involvement.

Get Up-and-Running in Days, Not Months

Attain Insight’s offers a turnkey solution that includes hosting and solution management. Our hassle-free hosted solution offers fully redundant and secure datacenter infrastructure with 24/7 access to industry-leading experts for managing all aspects of your solution. From server management to data backups. This means you can be up and running in less time with less push back from IT.

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