What it can do for your business

IBM i2 Analyze is an enterprise intelligence analysis environment that enables information sharing and intelligence production with the flexibility of both web-based and rich desktop clients. It facilitates analysis of large volumes of data through an extensible, service-oriented environment designed to integrate into your existing enterprise infrastructure.

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Make smart, informed decisions

Access and add to a secure repository that provides a centralized, aggregated view of information from disparate sources.

Increase efficiency

Integrate with and enhance existing systems while equipping your team with a shared environment that allows analysts to build on the work of others, from web-based or rich desktop clients.

Improve situational awareness

Quickly uncover and highlight key individuals, connections and patterns and share that information through on-demand, intuitive analysis and visualization tools.

How customers use it

Generate national security and public safety intelligence

Overwhelming data set and data silos make it challenging for you to uncover hidden connections and insights in data.

A common collaborative analysis environment and visual analysis capabilities help your team efficiently and effectively create and share intelligence.

Disrupt cyber, fraud and other threats in your organizations

Organizations often have several departments and data silos, which can make it hard for you to identify threats and problems that could be brewing across those silos.

i2 Analyze equips you with enterprise analysis capabilities and a secure and shared repository that helps break down those silos, so you can better identify threats and problematic trends otherwise hidden in internal and external data sets.

On-demand visualization

Model the world as entities and links, honoring the way teams are trained to think. This simplifies complex networks, helps detect non-obvious patterns, and promotes lateral thought.

Multiple search techniques

Increase the potential of information discovery via multiple search techniques, including text search and visual query.

Common analysis environment

IBM i2 Analyze enables analysts and wider operational teams to work collaboratively across boundaries, whether organizational or geographical, sharing information and decisions in real time.

Flexible data acquisition

Access a wide range of disparate data sources for comprehensive, efficient and speedy production of actionable intelligence. Leave data at source or fuse data from multiple sources into a centralized, aggregated view.

Open, extensible architecture

Integrate with your existing infrastructure to complement current processes and procedures. Meet specific deployment requirements by creating custom extensions and data acquisition connectors using the Developer Essentials Toolkit.

Multi-dimensional security

All access is controlled through a highly configurable, fine-grained and pervasive security model. Using built-in tools or links to your organization’s existing directory services, the authentication and user management model provides logical segmentation of information based on clearance, operation, case or other business requirements.