IBM Identity Insight

Predict and preempt criminal activity and risk with entity resolution and analytics

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Find threats and vulnerabilities hidden in your data

IBM InfoSphere® Identity Insight is an advanced identity and social network analysis platform that helps you find vulnerabilities in your organization. It combines recognition algorithms and analytics with event processing capabilities to give you insight into threats and fraudulent activity. By examining data across your enterprise, the solution can uncover relationships and occurrences involving an identified individual or group. If a questionable situation or pattern is detected, the system proactively generates alerts.

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Key features

  • Entity analytics
  • Extendable security model
  • Event management
  • Processing in near real-time
  • FlexPoint licensing
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Identity matching

Reconciles unique or multiple identities across systems. Assesses whether two or more individuals are the same, and flags related records with a unique identifier.

Relationship analysis

Performs relationship network analysis to determine whether identified individuals or groups are related in any way.

Transaction analysis

Assesses activity and associations involving the same individual or group. Identifies suspect or unusual relationships, including those that are hidden or disguised, and sends alerts.