Introducing Watson Studio

IBM Watson Studio provides tools for data scientists, application developers and subject matter experts to collaboratively and easily work with data to build and train models at scale. It gives you the flexibility to build models where your data resides and deploy anywhere in a hybrid environment so you can operationalize data science faster.

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Introducing IBM Watson Explorer Deep Analytics Edition

With IBM Watson® Explorer, a cognitive exploration and content analysis platform, you can hear your data talking. Explore and analyze structured, unstructured, internal, external and public content to uncover trends and patterns that improve decision-making, customer service and ROI. IBM clients have used Watson Explorer to understand 100 percent of incoming calls and emails, improving the quality of information and their ability to use that information. Built-in cognitive capabilities — powered by machine learning models, natural language processing and next-generation APIs — can unlock value from all your data and help you gain secure 360-degree view of customers, in context, to create better experiences for your customers.

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Collaborative data science

Use open-source tools like Jupyter Notebooks, combined with collaborative project features, like programmatic access and version control, to fine- tune your parameters until you find your ideal model for production.

Enhanced visual modeling

Explore data and use machine learning with drag-and-drop tooling from SPSS Modeler - a new look on the classic tool.

Automated deep learning

Visually program for deep learning with an intuitive drag-and-drop, a no-code interface in Neural Network Modeler.

Data preparation

Uncover hidden insights in your data with built-in data cleaning and transformations with Data Refinery. Have access to a tabular view of your data, including visualizations and summary statistics, which help you to uncover hidden insights by asking the right business questions of your data.

Data exploration

Using the included dashboarding service, produce stunning visualizations directly from your data in real time, allowing you to illuminate previously unknown patterns, relationships or other actionable findings. Then easily share with your team.

Model development

Test and deploy models, using customizable compute environments that scale up and down with your workflow. Choose the best environment based on the phase of your model and the scale needed. Choose from various capacities of Anaconda, Spark and GPU environments.

Model evaluation

Improve your model's performance by visualizing fit between model and data, with Model Visualization within SPSS Modeler.

Model deployment

Once your model is ready, deploy and score your model with the available IBM Watson Machine Learning service.

Model management

Compare runs and conduct model hyper-parameter optimization easily with Deep Learning Experiments.

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