Information Security Management & Access Administration

Solutions to Streamline and Automate Content and Data Security Management, Administration, and User-Access Control Processes

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Content and Data Security for IBM Cognos Analytics

Installing IBM Cognos Analytics is the easy part. Connecting to data sources and allowing access to folders of content with the myriad of business hierarchies and policy groups is another. Attain Insight Security 4X removes the complexities by applying security consistently across all areas of IBM Cognos with complete audit and compliance reporting capabilities to validate consistency.

Whether you’re providing access-rights at a folder level or securing data in Framework Manager, Security 4X simplifies the process for your IT administrator saving sheer volumes of time and effort.

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LDAP Administration for Large Organizations

Do you have too many directory servers? Do you have the same user in lots of places? Do you create a new directory server every time you have a project? Managing users coming and going is an administrative nightmare. With Attain Insight Security 4X you can easily identify, merge, and manage access rights for all your users from a centralized console — without breaking any applications!

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Authorized User Administration for Large Contract Workforces

Granting (or deleting) user access to analytical data and information doesn’t have to be a full-time job. With Attain Insight Security 4X authorizing users, managing memberships (and passwords), and creating views, can be done in minutes — not days or weeks, all while being tracked! You can even delegate access-controls to the business ensuring that information is accessible only to those authorized.

When you have an organization with thousands of users, managing mundane administrative tasks are the thing of the past. Contact us to learn more or better yet ask to see how it works!

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License Compliance Management and Administration

How are you tracking the number of end-user software licenses you purchased and who’s using them? No doubt about it software is expensive, but what’s more troublesome are the penalties if you exceed your license agreement. The last thing you want is to get audited.

Attain Insight Security 4X offers comprehensive access control audit and license compliance reporting. So you can quickly confirm license usage for any end-user based software.

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Enterprise Security Orchestration

Data and content security implementations are time-consuming, difficult and error-prone. Even small security deployments involve multiple application instances and environments, and thousands of granular security rules.

Attain Insight Security 4X simplifies all this and ensures that information is accessible only to those authorized and that all changes to security are tracked, leaving you with a low overhead solution fully compliant with IT and industry standards across all environments and application instances.

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