What's Map Intelligence?

Attain Insight's Map Intelligence (formerly of Integeo) merges the location dimension into enterprise decision support and Business Intelligence applications. Map Intelligence is a fast, highly configurable and efficient platform for delivering customised, map-enabled business applications involving BI tools and mapping providers and GIS.

For those of you using sophisticated Business Intelligence tools, Map Intelligence has a rich arsenal of spatial tools tightly integrated into your familiar BI environment.

Map Intelligence is designed for dynamic use in a web-browser with or without BI integration.

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Merging Location into Data Analysis for Powerful Decision-making

Map Intelligence (MI) supports seamless integration with IBM Cognos Analytics software, and can link to all supported GIS servers including ESRI, Geoserver, Precisely MapInfo and Spectrum Spatial. It provides a powerful template-based facility that links with Cognos Report Studio to deliver dynamic maps driven by IBM Cognos report data. This means IBM Cognos users benefit from having location analysis capabilities fully integrated within the IBM Cognos reporting environment.

In addition, Map Intelligence works with Google Earth to export spatial analytics generated from IBM Cognos data, and supports Google Maps overlays. With Map Intelligence, flexible spatial analysis is now more accessible and affordable to a range of businesses and users.

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Upgraded to Cognos Analytics and missing your Esri ArcGIS Maps & Reports?

Map Intelligence offers a complete and scalable solution for customers who wish to leverage Esri maps and layers inside IBM Cognos Analytics. Unlike other mapping options, Map Intelligence provides direct, dynamic and high-performance integration with Esri ArcGIS as well as provides advanced spatial analytic features and visualization capabilities for all Cognos end-users, including support for PDF output.

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Integrated Geographics for Business and Government

Merging Location With Data Analytics and Reporting

Map Intelligence:
  • One Location Intelligence platform for all BI and mapping combinations
  • Out of the box deeply integrated versions for all environments
  • No programming skills required for immediate results
  • Focus on your data not technology - fast, iterative analysis and reporting
  • A rich suite of location analytics - easily augmented with web services
  • An extensible, evolving and future proofed product
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