Map Intelligence for Qlik Sense

Attain Insight Map IntelligenceTM complements Qlik’s vision of applying easy, elegant and intuitive analytic power on complex data. Revealing difficult to see data relationships, patterns and outliers is the strength of location analytics.  Map Intelligence allows you to successfully integrate the location dimension into Business Intelligence.

Attain Insight Map Intelligence for Qlik Sense® offers these features:

  • Theming data points, lines, and areas according to specified data attribute values
  • Displaying territories, polygons, heat maps, density, clusters, spider plots and more
  • Concurrent display of multiple data overlays on the map
  • Selecting data by lassoing points, lines, and polygons on the map
  • Use your own customised regions/ territories/ areas
  • Overlaying data from any 3rd party public WMS server (e.g., weather, crime, demographics, etc.)
  • Creating drive-time polygons on your maps
  • Generating a KML representation of your current view
  • Touchscreen enablement provides mobile users the same features as desktop users.
  • No need to extract and manage SHP or TAB files in another format or location

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