Map Intelligence for Tableau

Attain Insight Map IntelligenceTM is a plug and play extension to Tableau®. It enables the direct integration, overlay and navigation of map data and other third-party data sources, without any programming.

Attain Insight Map Intelligence for Tableau offers these features:

  • Connect to your spatial datastore to enable you to use map layers in Tableau without any need to export as SHP or TAB files and then import into Tableau.
  • Support for theming line features on maps such as roads, train lines, pipelines, networks using your Tableau data attributes.
  • Use points on a map and theme points based on business data without the need for co-ordinates to be held in Tableau
  • Use your own custom boundaries, such as sales territories
  • Incorporate standard layers, such as demographics or weather feeds without coding
  • See and compare multiple themed map layers sourced from different Tableau data sources on one map view.

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