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Delivering actionable customer and location intelligence when and where you need it.

As businesses and government organizations begin to recognize the power of integrating location-based insight with customer and business data, the need for advanced spatial capabilities continues to grow.

From customer relationship management, data quality, and enrichment - to insight and analysis, Pitney Bowes software complements your Business Intelligence solution to forecast customer behavior and help you identify where your best prospects are located with location intelligence, so you can make better decisions on matters like where to concentrate your sales efforts or where to build your next store.

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Poor-Quality Data Imposes Costs and Risks on Businesses.

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Transform location and business data into enhanced insight with these featured products:


Present your business findings in a new, visual way. Create, access and manage geospatial assets, visualize business intelligence and customer data, and share high-quality interactive maps – quickly.

Spectrum Spatial

Gain insight from spatial data within your Business Intelligence Systems. Leverage a set of comprehensive enterprise capabilities to boost operational intelligence throughout your organization.


Pitney Bowes Software maintains an extensive catalogue of over 350 unique datasets in 240 geographies worldwide. Highly detailed and accurate data helps you understand customer segments, manage risk and make decisions with confidence.

Web Access

Instantly share location data via powerful interactive maps online. Publish spatial information to enhance collaboration and boost efficiencies and cost savings.

Precisely, Data On-Demand/Web Service Metrics

With so much worldly data at your disposal, why rely solely on internal data to run your business?

Attain Insight is now offering custom packaged data that you can subscribe to. Add key metrics to your IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics and IBM Cognos Analytics reports like location and map details, weather, census data, demographics, retail, industry and more!

With an extensive catalog of over 514 unique metrics in 240 geographies worldwide. You'll gain highly detailed and accurate data to help you understand customer segments, manage risk and make decisions with confidence.

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