Attain Insight offers Health and Risk Assessment Services designed to provide you with a thorough review and a set of recommendations – either pre-implementation or for implementations already deployed and in operation.

If you are faced with configuration or data security concerns, environment instability or resource utilization issues that may put your project at risk, Assessment Services will provide you with a valuable action-plan. Our experts will identify environmental weaknesses or deficiencies so that plans can be made to quickly resolve any issues.

Assessment Services are available for (but not limited to) Analytics, Data Quality, Content Security, Data Security& Design, Access Control Administration, Software User License Compliance, and LDAP Administration.

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Strategy & Project Planning

By helping you develop a solid strategy, Attain Insight can help your organization achieve performance excellence. We apply proven methodologies to deliver a solution tailored to meet your business needs. We work closely with your team to establish a strategy for success, first helping you gain an understanding of the solution framework, then developing a roadmap and timeline to meet your specific business objectives.

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Hosted Analytics

For clients with complex internal environments or burdened IT organizations struggling to meet service needs, Attain Insight delivers analytic solutions quickly, accurately and at a predictable cost.

Our Managed Hosting Services offers 24/7 access to industry-leading experts managing server hardware, bandwidth, backup, security, databases, data quality management, and analytic application software. Its turnkey IT services delivered from its-33 compliant and secure state-of-the-art data centers featuring world-class infrastructure that guarantees maximum availability and optimum scalability.

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Data Warehouse, Data Quality, Data Security

An effective data warehouse is critical to the strategic reporting systems that help you make informed business decisions. Your data warehouse is used to consolidate and reconcile information from across disparate departments and IT systems and provides a context for the reporting and analysis performed by IBM Cognos Analytics and Information Management solutions.

Because enterprise data warehouse projects are often highly complex, they require specific expertise to manage and implement them. Attain Insight follows a set of proven practices to ensure your data warehouse design is sound and data quality is high, and security policies to access data are proven.

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Data On-Demand

With so much worldly data at your disposal, why rely solely on internal data to run your business?

Go ahead, "turn-on" the visual breadth and depth with Attain Insight's Data-On-Demand Service.

Attain Insight is now offering custom packaged data that you can subscribe to. Add key metrics to your IBM Cognos Analytics and IBM Watson Studio (SPSS) reports like location and map details, weather, census data, demographics, retail, industry and more!

With an extensive catalog of over 514 unique metrics in 240 geographies worldwide. You'll gain highly detailed and accurate data to help you understand customer segments, manage risk and make decisions with confidence.

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IBM Cognos Analytics Migration and Upgrade

Attain Insight can help you migrate and upgrade to the newest version of IBM.

These are just some of the aspects of the migration for which Attain Insight can provide assistance:

- Assessing your current environment in order to successfully plan and migrate to Cognos 11
- Delivering a proposed migration strategy plan for your new IBM Cognos Analytics platform, using the right approach: Lift & Shift, Compress & Optimize, and/or Interoperate
- Determining report priority sets from gathered information, such as usage statistics, inventory, complexity rating, business factors
- Ensuring data and content security policies are properly configured
- Verifying your users are migrated with the right access privileges

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Subscriptions, Licensing & Support Renewals

Need help understanding and Managing your software needs? From license renewals and subscriptions - to annual support renewals, we can help you determine the right type of software, the number of licenses and level of support.

Attain Insight is an approved participant in IBM's Software Value Plus (SVP) program, which means we are certified in the design and implementation of IBM software technologies and can help you negotiate the best price on your software, support renewals, and upgrades.

We are your one-stop-shop for IBM Cognos Analytics, Planning Analytics, Watson, SPSS, Information Management, WebSphere, InfoSphere, Data Manager, MDM, i2and consulting services, and can manage the entire renewal process, assist with upgrades and expand your current environment quickly and easily.

You've made a significant investment, don't let your maintenance and support lapse and miss out on product upgrades, technical support, and knowledge database access.

Ask us for a direct quote. It’s free and there’s no obligation to purchase.

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Customized Solution Training

Training is one of the best ways to improve user adoption and efficient use of software. It can help improve productivity and job satisfaction. Research shows a close link between software training, employee skill level and project success. In fact, well-trained teams in certain disciplines have been found to be 10 percent more productive and were able to focus on higher value-added activities such as planning, refining processes, and improving infrastructure.

Attain Insight can customize training for a range of users ensuring their success with the Analytics solution. Our experts offer technical knowledge transfer to your business analytics and IT teams as well as role-based user training tailored for functions throughout your organization.

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Attain Insight offers Technical Services (and staffing with secret clearance) to meet a range of architecture, design, and implementation requirements. Whether you need to fill in for an internal resource or expertise gaps, or need full end-to-end project management and implementation, there is a service offering to help you.

Technical services are offered to assist you with:
- Information management technical architecture and design
- Solution design and implementation
- IBM Cognos Analytics architecture, implementation and migration services
- Data Security and Access Controls
- Data cleansing and augmentation
- Out-sourcing to a hosted solution

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