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Specializing in Administrative Tools and Version Control for IBM Cognos Analytics

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An Award Winning Approach To Strategy

TechData makes it easy for organizations to succeed in strategic planning, strategy management, and agile execution. Our SaaS platform presents your strategic plan in the most visually compelling way, giving you a complete view of execution performance enterprise-wide, joining vision with operational delivery and creating the link between activity (output) with, metrics (outcomes) and risks.

TechData was designed to be agile and highly customizable, any strategic plan can be modeled with ease, using your existing strategic phrasing. Your secure data is updated in real-time, the platform highlights duplication of work and cross-departmental inefficiencies. TechData allows you to monitor your Strategic Health; execution health can include subjective, qualitative data and risks, everything you need to monitor strategic delivery.

With 12 business awards for our innovative approach to strategy management, TechData is the only solution that delivers an agile, highly visual, easy-to-understand system to ensuring your strategy isn’t just well defined, it is well executed.

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BSP Software


MetaManager™ for BI allows administrators, developers and authors to simplify many of the complexities associated with developing, deploying, maintaining and supporting an IBM Cognos BI environment.


Integrated Control Suite™ is a Cognos Analytics Extension which provides users with version control, content management, recovery, deployment and compliance reporting integrated directly in the Cognos Portal.


Integrated Management Suite™ is a customized extension that allows Cognos users to explore and document content related to a variety of use cases, including License Administration, Security, and Datasource Validation.


MetaManager’s Security Migrator makes moving off of Series 7 Access Manager or any other provider an easy and fully automated process.


MetaManager™ Perform provides administrators systems to manage, tune and monitor the health and availability of all IBM Cognos environments. Be proactive and responsive when systems are failing.


Automatically detect all function anomalies in your Content Store.
Before you upgrade to the latest version of Cognos, pinpoint critical issues such as broken content, stale content and security issues including inheritance mistakes with a quick and easy IBM Cognos Content Upgrade Assessment.